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Balls Technology System
- Excellent soft & cushioned
- Shock Absorber
- more heat resistance
- Head-Ache Free
The SOFT-TOUCH & cushioned technology
made from PU ( Polyurethane) material,
it gives super-soft feel, soft-touch and fully
- Hard Play
- Always stable in dimension
- Authentic
- Trustworthy
This technology use specialized layers of lamination for backing,
it gives boost for stability in dimension, long-last play
more trustworthy for players.Best for Match/Professional Play.
Also Recommended for good training for long-life.
- More force and velocity
- Minimal water-uptake
- More Cushioned
- Best rebound
It enhance the power transition to ball by using additional
layer of specially developed air-bubbles foam material which
give more velocity to ball and best rebound.
It makes the ball super soft and shock absorber.
Minimum water-uptake give more stability to the weight of ball.
- Perfect Flight
- More stability for play
- Highest accuracy
- More balanced movement
The GRAVITY CONTROL technology presents best fight of ball
during play by using balanced specifications/weight of bladder,
thread and backing layers on all dimensions of ball.
It give balance to the ball in all directions on
ground and in the air by controlling the gravity.
- Superb ball velocity
- Extended power transition
- Best Level of stability
It offers highest level of power input and transition
as it uses super soft quality of specially developed
more strength, velocity and dimensional
stability of the ball.
- 3D Grains Cover material
- Firm Grasp
- Extra Grippy
- Better Control
Our 3D grip technology (grains cove material)
helps the player to feel more friction and firm grasp
on the ball for better play. it also helps the player
to gain more control over ball either
under boots or in hands in case of rain or sweat.
Our new 32 panels innovation has new curved panels (special speed control edges)
& curved seams as compared to traditional 32 panels ball to make a perfect ball
for improved, well-contolled and well -balanced play. It increases the performance
of players by best control of ball with minimum force and it helps then
outdo their best .
ACT technology gives super softness
to ball for best control,
shock absorbency and super flight by
using additional layer of specially
air bubbles cushioned foam.
SSG technology gives super tacky
and grippy finish on the outer surface
of ball for excellent grip & control of ball
for flawless attack.