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Just imagine you can get a combination of a powerful, accurate and Speedy performance stitched ball with consistent feel of a bonded Ball.

TAJMAHAL delovers both construction methods by fusing them together in one ball These micro seam panels are joint together with high-tension machine stitched Pu sealed seams. This will eventually results better. last longer and faster moving ball.


Kicks: 10,000+ kicks with no damage.

Fast & Powerful: Increased outer tension to increase softness and speed of foot/Hand.

Easy Control: 5mm foam backing for increased contact time on impact.

Highly Accurate: Reduced resonance when striking for better in-flight accuracy.

Bladder & Shape Retention: Highly in-tensed winded rubber bladder to guarantee consistent size and shape retention.

Consistent Feel & Performance: It gives you a perfect touch and feel of a bonded technology ball.

Water Repellent: This is an additional feature depends on customer�s demand in which we can also offer fully sealed seams ensuring almost zero water uptakes.



Here we want to explain its's background, conventional hand-stitched and thermo-bonded soccer balls / foot balls have numerous drawbacks related to costs and performance- For example, the labor for hand-stitiched ball is much expansive, since manufacturing a hand-stitched ball may take 8-10 weeks.

These balls also use a large amount of assorted materials including 3 or more layers of cloth and a large amount of latex adhesive. Additionally, in hand-stitched balls, the stitches are exposed on the surface of the ball. The exposure of the stitches on the surface leads to quicker abrasion of a manufactured ball.

On the other han, thermo bonded soccer balls / foot balls do not contain stitches that many be exposed on the outer surface, thermo bonded balls have high transportation costs associated with them since they may not be deflated.

For example, 7,500 deflated balls may be packed in a 20'FCL container while only 2,500-3,000 thermo bonded balls may be transported into 20'FCL container, leading to significantly higher transportation costs, Exemplary embodiments consistent with the present dislosure, therefore aim to resolve the aforementioned problems, among others.